Our Story

Since 1980, we’ve been beverage pioneers in creating delicious, good for you, all-natural superfoods. Today more than ever, we believe that nature holds the ingredients to making our purpose possible – bringing natural goodness and health to people.

We love sharing our experiences to spark your creativity, our advice to satisfy your hunger and in-depth nutrition information so we might become a delightful part of your family’s lifestyle. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our innovations towards a much smarter, healthier and better-for-you snacking, while we all contribute to caring for our planet.


We serve our community of friends and families who are always seeking easy access to great-tasting nutrition.  By combining high quality produce and organic ingredients, we work to bring goodness to natural health foods, beverages and snacks that contribute to your overall wellness, physical and good mental health.

We recognize that you value health, wellness, and sustainability. Odwalla is committed to making foods and beverages without preservatives, low in sugar and to provide you with meaningful health benefits. With our wide variety of flavors and taste combinations, we want to quench your hunger and provide the energy you need to conquer the day.